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Press source from Theia 2018.09.12

THEIA’s tech team blasting the 4thShanghai Wanxiang International Blockchain Hackathon

September 12th, the 4th Global Summit of Blockchain came to a successful conclusion along with a great speech given by the Vice President of Wanxiang Group Doctor Xiao Feng, who is also known as The Blockchain Manager of Wanxiang Group. Since 2015, the series of The Blockchain New Economy Summits (one of world largest Blockchain high-end summit series) has already been held for three years. This September, we welcomed the 4th grand gathering in Shanghai ------ Shanghai International Blockchain Week. In this week, the Wanxiang Blockchain Hackathon, a Technology Open Day and the 4th Global Blockchain Summit all together made this a fantastic week. The series of The Blockchain New Economy Summit has always been aiming at exploring technology innovation and landing Blockchain Applications. No exception this year.

The 4th Global Blockchain Summit of 1,500 people is undoubtedly the highlight of this International Blockchain Technology Week. The summit is based on Technology exploration, explore solutions to break through technical bottlenecks, and effectively promote the progress of landing Blockchain applications, let Blockchain technology truly benefits the social economy. The founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Cosmos Jae Kwon and other Opinion leaders in the Blockchain industry, shared the new developments and new architectures in the current Blockchain space. Current issues within the industry such as privacy, security, scalability problems were also been discussed and provided many productive solutions.

As the start of The Global Blockchain Summit, The Wanxiang Blockchain Hackathon has attracted more than 100 Blockchain developers globally on the 7th of September. This Hackathon lasted two days with 20 teams and many founders, Opinion Leaders from different Blockchain technology companies as judges took part of this fabulous event. Core Blockchain technologies, Blockchain applications and how they can play an role in the concept of Smart City applications were mainly discussed.

The Technical Director Yan Yongbao, Chief Risk Officer Li Guogang, Business Channel Director Mao Ching, System Structure Director Zheng Haiqing and others staffs of Theia Wallet were invited to participate in the competition. The reward to the most talent hacking team was 20000 US dollars, which was been grabbed by Theia’s tech team. They representing Theia Wallet, use their strong technical talent impressed all the participants that took part in this competition.