Singapore Consensus Conference | Theia Wallet realizes the interconnection with

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On 19thSeptember to 20thSeptember, the heavyweight blockchain technology summit --- Consensus Conference, which was organized by the industry-renowned blockchain digital media CoinDesk, was held in Marina Bay, Singapore! The Theia wallet technical team was invited to participate. On the Conference, Theia announced that Theia wallet had achieved its interconnection with BTC, and the project would be exhibited for two days at the venue. As the first consensus conference in Asia, the Singapore Consensus Conference attracted more than 8,000 participants and 50% of them were from outside the United States. Many blockchain giants and cross-industry figures gathered together to witness the blockchain technology and important events of crypto-currency economy, discuss the ecological development of the blockchain industry.

On the Wanchain Singapore project show which was held on the evening of September 19th, Wanchain founder Jack Lu discussed the upcoming 3.0 version of wanchain(underlying technology interconnected with BTC) with the project teams, government, crypto-currency teams and media from all over the world. This also marked that the underlying technology of Theia wallet had been interoperable with BTC, meaning that Theia was realizing the vision of connecting more mainstream currencies to the THA ecosystem.

The consensus mechanism is one of the core spirits of the blockchain, and the name of Consensus Conference does not only mean paying tribute to the underlying technology of the blockchain, but also expecting to integrate and graft the latest knowledge and the unique insights from blockchain practitioners, including communities, opinion leaders, well-known companies and outstanding developers. Thus, the Conference further inspires the public to form various innovative ideas about the blockchain and brings us to the future world that is empowered by blockchains.

Since its inception in 2015, the number of participants of the Consensus Conference has multiplied, from the crypto-currency to the connotation of the blockchain, the blockchain global system to the regulatory balance, its agenda has been at the forefront of blockchain development. Therefore, Consensus Conference has become a large and influential blockchain technology summit in the world. The round-table meetings of this conference were intensive, and the round-table discussion on the topic of“Competition of blockchain in cloud services”,“Legalization of smart contracts”,“Distributed ledger technology and post-trade settlement”became one of the highlights of the conference.

Theia’s technical team also made a brilliant performance at the conference. As the world's first cross-chain eco-wallet, Theia wallet's booth attracted numerous domestic and international participant to consult. The participants showed great interest in Theia's breakthrough dual-track operation system and its initiative play rule.

Theia Wallet is a multi-crypto-currency management wallet based on cross-chain technology. It mainly builds the underlying construction of the public chain, technical solutions and the development of blockchain application. In the stage of cross-chain landing, Theia wallet cooperated with Wanchain to fully utilize the cross-chain mechanism of Wanchain and realized the interconnection of cross-chain multi-crypto-currency. At present , Theia's underlying technology has achieved the connection with ETH and BTC. For more information, please pay attention to Theia's official website and social media pages.

On the scene, Theia's technical team gave a warm and detailed introduction about Theia wallet's wanchain-based underlying technical construction, password account + decentralized account dual-track operating system and other innovative features and advantages, and demonstrated the instructions of Theia wallet. The clear and concise operation steps and the professional and technical support for safety won great praise from the guests. It is worth mentioning that, just one day before the consensus conference, Theia wallet officially released version 1.9.0, and launched the public beta, which had received valuable feedback from many industry professionals and blockchain enthusiasts.

In addition to blockchain enthusiasts, there were professionals who focused on blockchain technology and investors from various industries came to the booth to discuss and exchange opinions on crypto-asset management. The head of Theia wallet enthusiastically invited the domestic and international blockchain industry personnel to test the platform. It is expected that both parties will have deeper exchanges and cooperation in the field of cross-chain trading as well as the management of blockchain digital crypto-currency in the future.

This conference is another highlight of Theia wallet in the Singapore market, attracting the attention of many domestic and international users and blockchain companies. As a one-stop crypto-asset management platform focusing on cross-chain transactions, Theia Wallet will continue to deepen the research and the development of the underlying technology and security mechanisms of the blockchain in the future, and actively participate in the ecological construction of the blockchain industry to provide global blockchain users with higher level of crypto-asset management services in terms of security and efficiency, promote the application of blockchain technology and better serve the real economy.