Sli think-tank private forum| In the turbulent market, how to survive and also f

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On the 24th of October, the Sli think-tank private forum(003 round) with the digital asset wallet as the theme was successfully held in Hangzhou. As a comprehensive think-tank platform for the blockchain industry, the Sli think-tank has been dedicated to focus, reporting and researching the blockchain industry chain downstream entities and also the digital economy. In the afternoon, industry experts, digital wallet teams and blockchain enthusiasts gathered together to share and explore the situation of digital asset wallets in the bear market and discussed the possible paths of future developments. The co-found of Theia wallet Sun Chao was invited and shared his view from the dimensions of cross-chain technology, security technology, asset management and value adding briefly.

From the perspective of the Blockchain industry, it is now in the bear market. Most cryptocurrency’s holders’ wallet is shrinking again and again, hence the crypto wallet providers also facing income shrinkage, but as a native tool of the blockchain and flow portal, the digital wallet is still favored by entrepreneurs. The attendees are constantly, and many veteran players and entrepreneurial teams are also actively to gives crypto wallets new features.

Mr. Zeng Linyi, director of the Blockchain Committee of the Zhejiang Province Financial Technology Association, pointed out in his speech: “In the case of a cold market, crypto wallets will become a promising blockchain technology application because of its clear business model, but the competition will become increasingly tough. He reminded crypto wallet startups to pay special attention to safety issues, and the safety responsibility in the blockchain industry will be larger than that of the P2P industry.

In the quarter of 2018, the number of global crypto wallet users was 23.95 million, increased by 85.80% year-on-year and 11.34% quarter-on-quarter.
More users are shifting from the cash transactions they are accustomed to mobile wallet payments. Yan Li, founder, and president of the Sli think-tank said crypto wallet application as the infrastructure and tools of the blockchain industry is the best option under the current digital asset compliance in China. She believes that in the future crypto wallets will bring iteration and transformation to the real economy.

In response to the challenges and opportunities currently facing in the crypto wallet industry, Theia wallet’s co-founder, Sun Chao, from cross-chain, security, capital management and value adding perspective shared his views. “The blockchain technology is currently experiencing scalability, load-bearing network isolation problems, through the exploration of cross-chain communication, breaking the blocked value island of the blockchain, building interconnection, intercommunication, and mutual trust network are the problems that the industry needs to solve. Achieve the value flowability between different chains is the only way that can may different values on different chains interconnectable ”

“The cross-chain technology is the mechanism for the future value flow and liquidation of blockchains”, Sun Chao said about the future development of the blockchain industry. “In the future, cross-chain technology will become the underlying agreement, and does not involve third-party intervention to achieve chain transactions.” Previously, Theia Wallet Cross-chain applications have been implemented in the “multi-party secure computing” and “threshold key sharing” technologies. At the same time, Theia wallet is self-created
the centralized & decentralized dual account system that can meet the usage habits of users at different stages and protect users’ privacy from a greater degree. Taking the dual experience of convenience and security at the same time.

It is worth to mention that Theia wallet has reached strategic partnerships with four large-scale wealth management teams Coinsea, Lanchao, Kronos and, and users of Theia Wallet can participate in different types of quantitative financial services according to their needs. In the future, Theia Wallet will also provide a variety of cryptocurrency management and value-added tools to help users gain more profit using their assets in Theia wallet.
As for the industry’s concern about the bear market, Sun Chao believes that “In the entire crypto wallet ecology, all parties should work together and help each other to overcome the bear market and embrace the bull market. In the field of the blockchain, I hope there will have more good technologies and good landing applications in the future to booming the whole industry. ”

The experts attended the forum has reached a consensus on security issues, and security is the most basic and important guarantee for crypto wallets.
Mr. Qian dike, product manager of MyToken wallet stressed at the sharing session that “wallet security is the first priority, hence protect users’ asset security will be the core experience that Mwallet will bring to users in the future”. BiMoney Marketing Manager advocates industry companies learn and establish transparent security standards to help node users measure the true security of their wallets.

After the keynote speech, Mr. Ma qianli, the Vice President of Babbitt, hosted a roundtable discussion. MyToken wallet product manager Qian dike, the co-founder of Zero&one Wallet, Yang Shigang, Bepal Wallet CEO Hu Yuanquan, and EVCC Asia Pacific Community Operation manager Zhu Bin, shared their views on how the wallet is profitable and the future development trend to the crowd.

In the bear market, we cultivate our own strength and promote the healthy and mature development of the industry in synergy. Through this Sli think-tank private forum, the digital wallet team also enhanced the thinking and ditch of the various parties while exchanging the latest developments and technologies in the industry.